Clean technology, or cleantech can be simply understood as a technological service, product, or process that considerably reduces adverse environmental impacts through implementing green alternatives and promoting the sustainable use of natural resources. Although cleantech is relevant to a variety of aspects, this article will focus on the built environment, particularly real estate and related physical infrastructure.

Some of the major issues experienced in the built environment area of cleantech is unsustainable energy consumption and high waste production. There are a number of cleantech companies, products, and services that aim to increase the use of renewable energy sources and decrease waste generation through repurposing waste products.

SolarCity Corporation

A subsidiary of Tesla, SolarCity provides solar energy services including residential and commercial solar installation, leasing, rentals, retrofits, energy storage, solar roofing, and energy efficiency evaluations.

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Elevate Structure Inc.

This Hawaii-based company creates innovative yet practical building structures that help people live sustainably. These buildings reduce environmental footprints while ensuring complete utilization of available space. The completed structure can be used as a retail store, office, micro-home, or a bar/café in areas that have a low availability of space.

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Cleantech Group

Based in California, Cleantech provides consultations and research services for innovative sustainable development. Their niche is industrial sustainability, focusing on low-carbon and resource efficient procedures for the corporate sector.

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Named a 2020 Global Cleantech 100 company, Stem assists in the reduction of costs and increased sustainability in building operations. Energy consumption is reduced through the digitization of energy storage.

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ReGenVillages uses artificial intelligence and engineering tools to develop sustainable, resilient neighborhoods. These neighborhoods are self-reliant and have sustainable energy, clean water supplies, organic food, and proper management of waste.

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Connect Homes

A leader in the homebuilding industry, Connect Homes provides modern affordable and green homes according to the lifestyles and budgets of the buyers.

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Verdical Group

This is a green consultancy company based in California that provides services including energy modeling, sustainability, and project management. Between 2012 and 2018, Verdical has had impressive results for the environment in terms of energy usage, water consumption, and waste reduction.

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Gridium helps clients improve building maintenance operations and ensure better energy management. The company is focused on developing green software for data-driven buildings, making the operations process more efficient.

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Fortera develops sustainable construction materials. The company has produced a cement product that reduces CO2 emissions by more than 60%, with the potential to have zero carbon emissions.


Sunnova provides residential solar and energy storage and related services across the United States.

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