Our Real Estate Development projects are based on innovative and cost-effective residential housing programs that are combined, whenever possible, with Cowork office, Wellness Center, Grocer/Restaurant and onsite Vertical Farms. We employ our Cost-Free Compliance/Upgrade Program to all of our projects which ensures the same high level of building financial and sustainability performance. Of the innovative residential programs that we have discovered for NYC and other dense urban centers, we focus on CoLivng shared housing for individuals and a new Program from Common called Kin, which is a similar program for families.

Typical CoLiving Suite Layout

All CoLiving residences are more space-efficient than conventional housing alternatives which allows us to drive down gross rental costs. The residences also come fully furnished with numerous amenities including: weekly cleaning; basic supplies; free onsite laundry; transfers to other rooms in other properties; free high-speed wifi and property management services. And there is ongoing social programming that provides entertainment and community engagement.

Kin Living Features

The Kin Program is designed as City living for modern families and is the first-of-its-kind housing, driven by community, powered by technology, and tailor-made to help families thrive in today’s cities. \ Residents at Kin properties have access to Kin’s app, family programming, a private family-friendly lounge with playspace, rooftop access with Manhattan views, and onsite gym with on-demand fitness classes. The building also offers various necessities for city living, like in-unit laundry, a virtual doorman, and on-site parking.

Featured Project

  • Ground-up Development with DOB-approved plans for a 22-story mix-use building with about 60,550 BSF above ground.
  • Program to include Common CoLiving and Kin Living suites.
  • Demolition completed
  • Foundation & Cellar are almost complete
  • Floors 1-6 will have a Community Facility with 17,762 bsf above ground
  • Floors 7-22 will have 42,558 bsf above ground of residential use
  • Cellar & sub-cellar have about 8,900 bsf which are rentable & can produce income.

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