In the United States, 2000 USD are spent per year on home energy bills by each family. Most of these costs are due to inefficient energy management through factors such as improperly sealed windows, older appliances, inefficient lighting, and wasteful heating and cooling systems. There are a number of projects, products, and services that you can utilize to not only save costs, but also reduce your environmental impact on the planet.

  • Efficient Lighting

Products such as Hue by Philips and LIFX A19 by LIFX are excellent for reducing energy bills. These bulbs use LED lighting which have lower energy consumption and much longer lifetimes in comparison to traditional incandescent bulbs.

  • Smart Switches

One of the main sources of energy loss is through light switches. Most Americans leave appliances, lights, fans etc. switched on even when they are not being used. Smart light switches such as the Maestro Switch by Lutron are great solutions for saving energy. These switches automatically turn off using motion sensors and timers and help reduce energy waste considerably.

  • Low-Flow Fittings

Faucets and shower heads are another major cause of energy waste, leading to high energy and water bills. These sustainable fittings reduce the amount of water that flows through faucets and showers, which in turn reduces the energy needed to heat up this water. A good product is the Low Flow Shower Head by High Sierra.

  • City of Tempe, Arizona Project

This project, funded by the US Department of Energy, focuses on saving approximately 550,000 USD annually through changes in operative and maintenance procedures, along with upgrading buildings and making them more sustainable. The project is expected to decrease 9 million pounds of CO2 emissions.

  • Space Heating Products

Energy Star provides several products for the efficient and cost-saving heating of indoor spaces. These include boilers, heat pumps, furnaces, geothermal systems, and solar-powered heaters.

  • Performance Rating Services

The Directory of Certified Product Performance contains information regarding the performance ratings of products including air conditioners, pool and water heaters, heat pumps etc. You can enter the model number or AHRI Certified Number and find out whether your product is energy efficient or not.

  • Cool Roofs

Cool Roofs provides services for the installation of roofs that reflect sunlight and emit radiation to reduce indoor temperatures. This service is particularly useful for buildings that do not have air conditioners. A cool roof reduces utility bills, extends roof life, and helps reduce the urban heat island effect in the region.

  • HERS Index

This organization provides home energy ratings that are supervised by a certified RESNET rater. A comprehensive energy performance assessment of the building is conducted. This helps homeowners in making the required modifications to ensure savings and increased energy efficiency.