Co-living and Coworking in 2020

With COVID-19 disrupting all aspects of life as we knew it, more individuals are working from home. This has caused a major percentage of people to give up on the conventional 9-5 work regime and opt for a more flexible remote work environment. These changes have resulted in the sustainable concept of co-living and coworking […]

Energy Efficiency in the United States

In the United States, 2000 USD are spent per year on home energy bills by each family. Most of these costs are due to inefficient energy management through factors such as improperly sealed windows, older appliances, inefficient lighting, and wasteful heating and cooling systems. There are a number of projects, products, and services that you […]

Cleantech for the Built Environment

Clean technology, or cleantech can be simply understood as a technological service, product, or process that considerably reduces adverse environmental impacts through implementing green alternatives and promoting the sustainable use of natural resources. Although cleantech is relevant to a variety of aspects, this article will focus on the built environment, particularly real estate and related […]

Local Law 97: What is it?

Climate change is one of the most pressing international problems that needs to be addressed urgently. Primarily driven by the emission of greenhouse gases, the Earth has experienced global warming, a rise in sea levels, and decreasing freshwater as a consequence of climate change. In highly developed megacities like New York City, buildings contribute about […]

Cannabis Investing

The legal cannabis industry is a high risk, high return investment option. The United States currently has uncertainties regarding the future of cannabis legislation as it is still considered to be an illegal substance according to federal law. However, despite these reservations, cannabis companies continue to see skyrocketing revenues, especially during the present global situation. […]

Top Clean Power Projects in the US

With a continuously increasing demand for renewable and sustainable energy sources, the world has witnesses numerous green developments. Despite a poor track record of renewable energy in the US, clean power projects have been implemented on massive scales due to the numerous benefits of clean energy. These projects mainly utilize solar, geothermal, hydroelectric, and wind […]