Smart Building Upgrade Program


Our program is built upon decades of experience with domain experts and is designed to meet the needs of this dynamic and changing industry. Local Law 97 has changed everything for commercial real estate in NYC, and our Real Estate Innovation Hub is positioned to lead the way with our Smart Building Upgrade Program

This one of a kind process includes three phases of work:

1. Cost Savings Strategies including: Utility Audits, Insurance Audits, Tax Savings Strategies including Cost Segregation Clean Air as a Service, LED Lighting as a Service, Toilet Upgrades as a Service, Government incentives.

2. Energy Efficiency Upgrades including:  Building Management System, Insulation and Air Sealing, new high-performance Windows, new HVAC system, new Appliances and Fixtures, Electrical Harmonics Mitigation, Variable Speed Drives, Micro-zoned Ductwork Controls, Water-leak Sensors.

3. Clean Power Installations including all best in class vendors for Solar Thermal/PV, Micro Wind Turbines, Solar Curtain Walls, Building Integrated PV, Cogeneration.


Phase 1: Cost Savings Strategies

  • No Cost Utility Savings Audits
  • No Cost Insurance Savings Audits
  • No Cost Tax Savings Audits
  • No Cost LED Lighting Upgrades
  • No Cost Clean Air as Service 
  • Peak Energy Shaving & no added cost
  • Sourcing all Gov Financial Incentives

Phase 2: Energy Efficiency Upgrade

  • Financing all Soft and Hard Costs
  • Building forensics
  • Integration
  • Building Shell Optimization
  • Downsized high-performance HVAC w/ Heat Pumps
  • Energy /H20 Efficient appliances/fixtures

Phase 3: Clean Power Installations

  • Financing all Soft and Hard Costs
  • Rooftop systems
  • Solar Glass for Curtain Walls
  • Building Integrated Photovoltaics
  • Complete end to end installation
  • Hands on approach through process
  • Metrics & evaluation through completion


We can combine our Smart Building Upgrade program with our unique Value-Add Brokerage.
Through the lowering of utility costs and overall operating costs as part of the transaction process, we increase building NOI and Market Valuation prior to the sale. We then place the building on the market and sell it at a higher price.

What are the steps to get started?


Contact us for a free consultation.

Step 2

Set up a meeting with our team, where we help you choose which of our no cost, no-obligation Services you are interested in. We help you fill out the appropriate forms, and submit it to our team for review and pre-qualification for your type of project.

Step 3

After obtaining pre-qualification, we send you the form to fill out our financing application with requests to provide all required documentation.