With a continuously increasing demand for renewable and sustainable energy sources, the world has witnesses numerous green developments. Despite a poor track record of renewable energy in the US, clean power projects have been implemented on massive scales due to the numerous benefits of clean energy. These projects mainly utilize solar, geothermal, hydroelectric, and wind power to generate electricity. The creation of new and innovative technology has aided considerably in the development of such projects.

Prior to creating efficient, cost-effective clean power, there is need to focus on infrastructure limitations for mass transmission of energy. The projects typically take decades to be completed due to high costs, public opposition, and countless regulatory frameworks that need to be complied with. However, developers have not lost the drive to continue these projects, and a number of clean power plans have been developed in recent time.

Here are some of the top products, services, and projects in the clean power sector of the United States:

Jordan Energy Alternative

This startup company based in Ohio provides renewable energy products for the residential as well as business sector. Jordan Energy was the winner of a 2019 Marion County business competition and was awarded 2500 USD as seed funding. The company concentrates on solar and wind power, and also provides clean energy consultation services.

Affordable Wind Turbines

This product offers a wind-powered turbine that generates more power using less wind. These turbines are available in numerous sizes, are bird safe, efficient, lightweight, and affordable. These wind turbines can be used in residential as well as large scale projects.

Ivanpah Solar Facility

Located on the Nevada/California border, this facility has a total of three solar thermal power plants. The system has a power output of 392 megawatts and is approximately 4000 acres in size. Overall, 140,000 residences utilize solar power generated by the Ivanpah plant.

Roscoe Wind Farm

This facility in Texas is one of the largest wind farms in the world in terms of capacity. With 634 wind turbines on a 400 square kilometer land, the farm has a power output of 781.5 megawatts. About 250,000 homes in the state benefit from the power generated by the Roscoe Wind Farm.

The Geysers

This is the world’s largest geothermal field, with a power output of 1517 megawatts. Located in the Mayacamas mountains in California, this facility utilizes steam from over 350 wells in a 30 square kilometer area. The Geysers are able to meet 60% of the total demand of the West Coast region between the Oregon state line and Golden Gate Bridge.